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VMWare is one of many virtualisation products used for server virtualisation technologies. With a global install base, VMWare is often the best solution for companies of all sizes, but there are multiple alternatives.

Nowadays, VMWare offers many similar benefits found in other server virtualisation technologies, such as reduction in the cost of server hardware investment, business continuity benefits, and an overall decrease of organisations IT expenses.

If VMWare is not the perfect fit for your business will recommend and work with several other virtualisation packages to ensure your virtualisation journey goes off without a hitch.

    Benefits of Virtualisation

    Reduced Capital & Operating Costs

    Increased IT productivity, efficiency, agility and responsiveness.

    Greater business continuity and disaster recovery.

    Availability of a true Software-Defined Data Center.

    Minimised or eliminated downtime

    Faster provisioning of applications and resources.

    Simplified data center management.

    Is Virtualisation a good choice for your business?

    Server virtualisation technologies offer immediate benefits to any size organisation but need to analyse, is it a better choice for your business? There’s a lot of factors to consider. We Universal Technology Solutions P/L server virtualisation expert can help you understand all the benefits associated with moving your IT infrastructure to VMWare or many other products like it.

    VMWare and many other products like it can offer your business many options to eliminate downtown and increase the efficiency and reliability of your most critical server and IT infrastructure.

    We will help you understand the benefits of virtualizing your server environment with VMWare or other appropriate products, allowing you to make an informed decision.

    To learn more about virtualisation, please give us a call at 1800 154 487 or email at info@universaltech.com.au and the benefits to your business by hiring us as your Virtualisation Consulting Team.


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    I found the consultants to be of a high calibre in their professionalism and addressed all our queries in a timely and efficient manner. They discuss with you the possible solutions that will meet your needs and keep you informed of the progress of your request. I highly recommend Universal Technology Solutions for all your information technology and communication requirements

    May Noun
    Director of Administrative Services
    Cancer Care Associates

    Prompt & Professional

    I highly recommend the Universal Technology team. We have been working with them for the past 2 years and they provide quality support onsite and remotely to our facilities. All requests are handled promptly, professionally and efficiently.


    Meredith Cummins
    Director of Nursing
    Northern Cancer Institute, Sydney