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When you are looking for IT consulting in Sydney it is hard to find professionals who give reliable, trustworthy and expert guidance. We at Universal Technology Solutions with our years of expertise in the IT industry recognize the real hardships that business face today’s society and we guide you to the best possible solution that can be achieved. Our team will give you advice on how you can get your IT infrastructure working in an efficient manner that will bring you success. Additionally, we will show you how having your IT infrastructure in perfect order will give you much more benefits.

Universal Technology Solutions has been providing IT support and consultant services to clients from various industries for over 10 years since 2005. We are aware that all business IT infrastructure is different and depends on each individual and there business and we cater to each client specifically creating customized solutions. With this method we can give the best possible outcome for the client and manage IT solutions with our skilled and experienced staff and the procedures we have set up within our organization.

We give our clients an IT infrastructure that is tailor-made for them and work with the client from the start to finish of the project. Our team will also be giving you support and maintenance services on a routine basis and whenever you need them if the need arises. In addition, our IT engineers will work hand in hand with you to give advice and make changes to your IT systems that will help in future development plans that you have for your business. With our expert help, you can have a well planned IT system that runs successfully across your network.

Universal Technology Solutions has the ability and resources to provide first-rate IT services to our clients. Even though we provide some of the top IT solutions in Sydney our prices are relatively low when you compare with other IT companies in the industry. We can tailor make packages suit your companies’ needs and your financial budget so from the start you will know how much it is going to cost you. Whether you are the small business or a large multinational organization we provide the same level of service to our clients.

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Universal Technology Solutions

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Onsite IT Support

When you need IT support, you don't have to wait and go through the effort of hiring IT Staff. We are available to come to your place and work on your IT issues and fix it quick.

Remote IT Support

We offer remote IT support using the reliable tools like team viewer. All remote IT support session are highly secure and encrypted with the latest encryption technology.

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Whether you are part of a small, medium, or large business, Universal Technology Solutions is here to help.  With our years of experience across multiple industries, we have. the ability and know how to ensure you are getting the most out of your existing infrastructure and we can assist in any required upgrades or project goals you wish to achieve.

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Client Testimonials

Highly Recommended


I found the consultants to be of a high calibre in their professionalism and addressed all our queries in a timely and efficient manner. They discuss with you the possible solutions that will meet your needs and keep you informed of the progress of your request. I highly recommend Universal Technology Solutions for all your information technology and communication requirements

May Noun
Director of Administrative Services
Cancer Care Associates

Prompt & Professional

I highly recommend the Universal Technology team. We have been working with them for the past 2 years and they provide quality support onsite and remotely to our facilities. All requests are handled promptly, professionally and efficiently.


Meredith Cummins
Director of Nursing
Northern Cancer Institute, Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions


What is IT consulting?

IT consulting refers to the provision of expert advice and guidance on various IT-related matters. At Universal Technology Solutions, we provide comprehensive IT consulting services to businesses of all sizes and industries.

What are the benefits of IT consulting?

IT consulting can help you improve your IT infrastructure, streamline your operations, and optimize your IT investments. At Universal Technology Solutions, our IT consulting services are designed to help you achieve these goals.

What types of IT consulting services are available?

There are different types of IT consulting services, including IT strategy and planning, IT project management, and IT vendor management. At Universal Technology Solutions, we provide all of these services to meet your business's unique needs.

What is IT strategy and planning?

IT strategy and planning involves developing a long-term IT roadmap that aligns with your business goals. At Universal Technology Solutions, we work with you to create a comprehensive IT strategy and plan that meets your business's needs.

What is IT project management?

IT project management involves managing IT projects from start to finish, ensuring that they are completed on time, within budget, and to your satisfaction. At Universal Technology Solutions, we provide IT project management services to help you achieve your project goals.

What is IT vendor management?

IT vendor management involves managing your relationships with IT vendors, ensuring that you are getting the best possible products and services at the best possible price. At Universal Technology Solutions, we provide IT vendor management services to help you optimize your IT investments.

How can Universal Technology Solutions help my business with IT consulting?

Our team at Universal Technology Solutions can help you improve your IT infrastructure, streamline your operations, and optimize your IT investments through our IT consulting services. We work with you to understand your business needs and create a customized IT consulting solution that meets your unique requirements.

What types of businesses can benefit from IT consulting services?

IT consulting services are beneficial for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Whether you are a small business owner who needs help with basic IT tasks or a large enterprise looking for a comprehensive IT solution, Universal Technology Solutions can help.

How can I get started with Universal Technology Solutions IT consulting services?

To get started with our IT consulting services, simply reach out to our team and schedule a consultation. We will work with you to understand your business needs and create a customized IT consulting solution that meets your unique requirements.

How does Universal Technology Solutions pricing work for IT consulting services?

Our pricing for IT consulting services varies based on the specific services and support you require. We offer flexible pricing models and can work with you to create a plan that fits your budget. Contact our team to learn more about our pricing options.